Work order information and common image misconceptions.

Generally, all image modification work orders are edited at the highest workable resolution, ie. 4000 x 6000 pixels in order to effectively allow quality printing as small as wallet and up to poster size. If the base image supplied by the customer is perceived to be too small to meet basic quality standards the customer will be notified and informed accordingly.

Common image quality issues – Scanned images are typically 1:1, whatever size the original image is means the digital output will be the same. If the scanned image is 4 x 6 and up to 8 x 10 there is most likely going to be size and image quality concerns during editing. In most cases the edited work will also only be able to be re-printed at whatever the originating image size is. All images when completed are blown up to 500% to check for quality issues such as blotchiness, pixelation, fading, blurring, etc. If any quality issues are identified, the customer will be made aware of the max size limitation which the completed project can be printed.

What is considered quality size for editing – Ideally the base image provided is professional-grade, ie. shot with a high-end camera lens by an amateur, (mom or dad). Best possible situation, the base image provided is from a professional photographer like the ones who shoot sporting events and tournaments, coincidentally I am outfitted to take professional grade photographs. The camera and lens we use are configured specifically for high speed, low light indoor conditions. One might be inclined to think the lighting inside hockey rinks is above average but it’s actually the exact opposite. Lighting in most cases is subpar due to the “blue light effect” from LED and/or fluorescent lights and is in no way optimum for standard point and shoot cameras or high-end camera phones. With that said, “can I submit a photo taken from the latter”? Yes, you can, however, the image will be reviewed first and a determination will be made as to whether or not it is suitable for modification. In most cases, it will be but the resulting image very well may have size restrictions for printing. The customer will be made aware of this before work is to be done.

Customer image submission and final delivery – The easiest way to submit the work to be modified is by email. However, some email clients/providers do not allow submission/transmission or receiving large files. In that case, file sharing sites such as DropBox or Google Drive would be option 2. Option 3 would be to provide a CD/DVD, USB thumb drive, or original photos to be scanned. In that case, a meet up would have to be scheduled and I, (Dad) will be with Jeromy to discuss the project with the customer before hand off.

Any other questions or concerns not already provided, please feel free to ask using the Contact Form.