The Process – Initial engagement agreement to acceptance and delivery.

The $10 Image Customization…

Image modifications like many of the examples on this site are $10. The photo image(s) is to be provided by the customer and must be at a high enough resolution in order to effectively customize. Each customized image is $10 and can include name/number/team logo, there are no bulk discounts. Add in a second or 3rd photo image for $5 each. All other projects will require a quote.

Contact: Email me and shortly thereafter I can give you a quote and turn around time on your project. I am still a high school student and play ice hockey in my free time, so please allow up to 8 hrs for a response, it will be the same day. Additional questions may be required to give a proper quote but once you give me the green light your project will begin.

Proof: Based on our discussion I will send a Proof. A Proof is a sample of your project for you to look over and verify for accuracy. If needed, changes can be made at this time and a revised proof is sent back for further review. The more detail I get from you on what you would like to see the quicker the proofing process becomes. Proofs will have a watermark on them prior to completion.

Approval: Once the proof is approved, payment can be made via VENMO. While VENMO is the preferred method of payment, I will accept Paypal as long as the payment is made as a gift. When I receive confirmation of payment I can send the artwork file(s) to email or they can be downloaded from my website or Google Drive.

Thank you for your interest and confidence in JPorubski Design. Please complete the contact form fields below and submit. Either myself or my dad will respond back shortly.

A detailed message with your desired need is especially helpful.

If you would like your project to look like something from my portfolio, please identify which one in your message.

    Not big on contact forms? Feel free to email me directly, [email protected]